Werewolf 1/8 Borstlös RC El Buggy - Standard

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Det här är vår mest högkvalitativa elektriska rc bil. Eftersom den designats med pro racing i åtanke så kan den här modellen köra och vinna på nationell nivå. Den är funktionsspäckad med många nya exklusiva innovationer som sätter den före konkurrenterna.Werewolf kan komma upp över 75 km/h och den uppgraderbara setupen betyder att Buggyns potential är ändlös.


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Werewolf 1/8 Borstlös RC El Buggy - Standard

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  • New ACME 2.4Ghz Transmitter



Vår mest högkvalitativa elektriska radiostyrda bil är den helt nya 1/8 borstlösa Werewolf. Eftersom den designats med pro racing i åtanke så låter den här modellen dig köra och vinna på en nationell nivå. Den är funktionsspäckad med många nya exklusiva innovationer som endast den här modellen har och som sätter den före konkurrenterna. Den borstlösa setupen med den stora kraftiga motorn och ett 11.1V Lithium Ion batteri låter Werewolf komma upp i hastigheter på över 75 km/h som standard rakt ut ur lådan, och sedan inkluderar den uppgraderbara setupen alternativet att lägga till tre extra batterier vilket ger Buggyn har en ändlös potential. För ett race så behöver en modell vara lika snabb i svängar som i rak körning däremot och Werewolf klarar definitivt det med de högst justerbara inställningarna och den högkvalitativa designen som gör den till en all-round race vinnare.

Mer information

Artikelnummer A2015T
Manufacturer Acme-Tech
Skala 1:8
Bygg RTR
Drive 4WD
För Terräng On Road
Radioutrustning 2.4 GHz
Typ Buggy
Motor Borstlös
  • Height: 185mm
  • Length: 505mm
  • Width: 310mm
  • Wheel base: 315~320mm
  • Track F/R: 310mm
  • Ground clearance: 30mm
  • Weight: 3000g
  • Radio: 2.4Ghz Pistol Type
  • Battery: 11.1V Li-Po With Charger
  • Motor: Brushless with ESC
  • Scale: 1:8
  • 1/8 Scale brushless powered car
  • Extreme High Speeds
  • 2.4G Radio Equipment
  • 4WD Shaft drive system
  • 3 diff. shaft drive 4WD
  • 2.5mm aluminium chassis
  • 3mm F/R Alum. shock tower;
  • High-torque metal geared steering servo
  • Front universal drive shafts (pro version)
  • All linkages set with adjustable turnbuckles
  • Option for four disc brake system
  • Brushless motor, brushless ESC
  • Li-Po battery and balanced charger
  • Plus many more. See below images for rest of features.
Krävs för att använda
  • 4 x AAA Batteries

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1:8 brushless buggy Recenserad av matt parker
Roliga Faktorn
At the moment a bloody good deal once its delivered I will review it and tell what I really think of it but o will give it 10/10 for price and value (Skrevs den 2014-04-17)
tgftgg Recenserad av ben
Roliga Faktorn
cool nice buggy i love it (Skrevs den 2014-02-06)
Great RC car. Insane acceleration. Great at jumps Recenserad av lukas4654
Roliga Faktorn
I have had this car for about 2 mouths now and I have had this car going 43mph i don't know where they got 50mph from... but the battery life is amazing so 43mph and a long play time isn't bad at all. this RC car is also very good at big jumps if the have the skill to land them well, i have had mine jump 6ft high =) All in all I give this car 4 out of 5 because of some little problems i have had with spare parts and cogs getting shredded because of this cars insane amount of torque. A great piece of kit and a hole lot of fun. (Skrevs den 2013-08-27)
Amazing Recenserad av Buz
I am a newby to RC cars . I decided not to go for an "entry level" buggy but rather opted for the WereWolf which looked pretty darn smart! I don't regret that decision as this buggy is awsome fun and amazingly fast. Perhaps rather faster than my reactions!

Anyone thinking about this buggy should better go for the Pro version and not the standard... The buggy is well built and pretty sturdy (especially when you compare it to similar priced models in many model shops) BUT it is not indestructible and the standard version has a problem with the front wheel drive shafts popping out of their wheel mountings on hard lock causing damage to the buggy - in my case to the cogs in the front differential. I've replaced my shafts with the pro's upraded CVB version and this is completely solved. The other slight weakness is the exposed design of the front shocks and shock mountings with almost naff all for a bumper. I've just destroyed the shock on one side by hitting a fence post just a little too hard. Again the standard version comes with plastic shocks. Maybe the pro's aluminium shocks would have been stronger. Happily Nitrotek do seem to have all the spare parts (or can get them) which you should factor in to your purchase as I don't think I'll be the only one needing bits from time to time.

I saw a few reviews suggesting that the wheel nuts come loose quickly. No joke. You need to tighten these much more than they come in the box. Maybe even use some threadlock. And you need to carry around some essential tools to tighten up a number of the fixings after a bit of racing or you'll end up searching in the grass for ages!

Despite a few niggles, you can't really have much more fun with a buggy than this. It surpassed my expectations, anway. I've had so may people look on in amazement as you hit the throttle and the thing takes off at incredible speed. Do the same on a gravel track and you can have that back end sliding round to do impressive 180 degree turns or incredible doughnuts! Just wish the battery lasted a bit longer.

Anyway, well done Nitrotek. You've made a middle-aged man feel like a boy again! (Skrevs den 2010-12-08)

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