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Raptor Radiostyrd Elektrisk Borstlös Truggy

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Artikelnummer: A2012T

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Med en stor borstlös motor och ett 11.1V Lithium Polymer batteri så är borstlösa 1:10 Raptor radiostyrda Truggy modellen galet snabb till ett otroligt bra pris! Den radiostyrda Raptorn är en fartmaskin med hög prestanda och en hög hastighet, och 4-hjulsdriften med de främre och bakre differentialerna fördelar jämnt den massiva kraften.

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  1. bloody brillant

    Av brown bear April 01, 2014

    like a rocket off rails big area and big balls to blast it at full power very pleased with mine , i bought a rc wave runner what a pile of c-ap sent it back , this truggy is the doggys danglys enjoy... nitotek thank u

  2. good

    Av newby November 27, 2013

    Good first buy. Shame about my relatively bad driving meaning i broke the stearing servo part at the end of first full drive. Couldnt believe the speed of the thing it takes off so quick. Tearing up grass and flicking stones. Def needs a big open space and a bit of practice. Ordered a new part so once i get that i will be back out there. Genuinely cant really get over how q

  3. If your need is for speed. Learner to burner.

    Av modelman90 June 22, 2013

    I own three Subaru Impreza cars that i built from Tamiya kits. I own two Super Clodbusters that again i hand built from Tamiya kits.Plus i have built one for some one else. You could say that i hold reasonable knowledge of Electric R/C cars. I have raced many cars and this brushless Truggy is something that i have used. I would recommend this Truggy to any one above the age of 16. Its ok for beginners as you do not have to use all the power available.When you gain your skill and experience then you can unleash the full power. Always fit a fail safe device. At this price its a good deal.Its always a good idea to get spares and upgrades if you can afford them as designs some times change and so may the spec. Go and buy one if you can. You wont regret it.

  4. Really Amazed

    Av Michael April 02, 2013

    This car is the best bit of kit I've ever brought , I own the petrol rc hummer and I brought this for my son, and to be real this is better :D. U don't have to worry as much about smashing it and the speed is unreal! The acceleration is bril!!!!

    I own 2 of these for the same price as my hummer, double the fun, double the quality, and double the power output !!! A must buy

  5. Best rc car ever

    Av Rc racer September 12, 2012

    This thing has amazing power ! Very well built ,,,,, Best ever car.

  6. raptor

    Av a man August 23, 2012

    an amazing truck can reach 60mph (stock) but you have to be used to this hobby to buy this, because this is so fast it is not very durable and can break with some minor crashes. (not for beginners as i found out).

  7. acme

    Av baggy August 13, 2012

    is it faster than its smaller brother

  8. this is the best car in the world

    Av a guy who is better than all of you June 13, 2012

    this amazing truggy will beat your standard nitro car its so fast and will reach speeds of up to 60 mph! it is also very durable and will not brake easily as i found out when it crashed into a wall at top speed. it is also very easy to drive and is for beginners. i would recommend getting some spare anntenies as when mine flip's it usually breaks
    overall a great car!

  9. raptor brushless

    Av joe4881 May 08, 2012

    awsome bit of kit ive clocked it at 60mph ,takes off like a rocket im nearly six foot and the stones have hit me in the face a few times lol ,would recomend it is much faster than nitros only thing id say is need a big open space there is alot of nitros were i live and not one of them have beat the raptor not even close ,

  10. Great car

    Av Rosco November 01, 2011

    fast and tough car had some big air and big crashes and all thats broke is the aerial straw which are very cheap to replace, would recomend A++

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