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Taigen Advanced RC Stridsvagn - Panzer IV

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Artikelnummer: TG3859-B

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Taigen BB tankar är av högsta kvalitet och är helt nya på marknaden. Det som skiljer dem från andra tankar är den höga graden av noggrannhet och de starka metallkomponenter. Taigen tankar finns i olika konfigurationer men de vi säljer är av den högsta konfigurationen med alla möjliga alternativ och uppgradering.

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  1. Taigen Panzer IV Metal Pro Edition

    Av PicaPete May 23, 2019

    This is the fourth Taigen tank I've bought from NitroTek and at first sight on opening the box I was disappointed. The online advertising from NitroTek states that this is the latest version of the tank in the winter camouflage used by the LAH Divison fighting around Kharkov, and granted only half the photos shown in the ad have this camo, the rest being in desert colours, I was disappointed to receive the one in desert colours.

    Overcoming the disappointment and after considering returning the tank I had a closer look at things and found a couple of very pleasant surprises. Firstly when fitting the main battery I found that the expected battery compartment screw down hatch wasn't there. Instead there was a release catch that released the entire upper hull (much prefer this system).

    With the top off I noticed the second big surprise. The internal electronics are the latest V2 version. This means there is now a separate sound card (with great sound effects) and with proportional digital control on more of the channels via an updated handset (including the smoke unit and the turret rotation).

    I'm now very pleased with the tank, but I can't understand why NitroTek are not making a feature out of the upgraded electronics in their advertising. Could it be they don't actually know? If they haven't looked in the box it would also explain the different camo.

    Great tank nonetheless!

  2. this is fun

    Av darren January 16, 2014

    had my tank one day cant tell you how much fun it is . the detail is so good dont just read about it buy one and see for yourself. theres a tank commander inside you just waiting to drive this.

  3. must have one of these

    Av darren September 26, 2013

    soon as it was charged up it has been none stop fun shooting bbs the metal tracks are so worth it on this tank the detail is so clear cant wait to get the tiger tank and let battle comence

  4. tiagen panzer 4

    Av Marcho man August 01, 2013

    detail on this awesome love it , better than heng long infact for the price this is the top of the range of heng long.do your self a favour get one , not sure how long these will be on the market . Have a feeling these will be a collectors item , cheers marcho man from Australia .

  5. EN bra tank till ett bra pris, det enda frågetecknet är lackeringen, som verkar lite udda skulle hellre sett att den var målad med dark yellow, med gröna camofält, men det kan ju man själv måla om man vill. Dark yellow som bas utfärdades av Tyska High com

    Av RMP Hobby Malmö June 04, 2013

    har testkört denna tank, före den ska levereras och den fungerar bra, det roligaste med den är lampan i kulsprutan + att ljudet när man ``skjuter´´ med den låter realistiskt, gillar även att den är försedd med larvband i metall.

  6. Great tank

    Av Tom December 03, 2011

    this tank is really brilliant, the detailing is amazing and it has no shortage of power for those rough battlefields. I have only had one problem with it, and this is that the straps have already fallen off of the leaf springs, but this doesn't affect the overall operation of the tank. Other than that, it is an excellent addition to any collection.

  7. Nice addition to heng long tank collection - a short review

    Av Rugger cliff January 08, 2011

    My first impressions out of the box was one of uncertainty. I already own a Walker Bulldog pro version tank and subconsciously (but unfairly) started to compare the two. The first thing i noticed was that the panzer was smaller & lighter (obviously scale related). Ground clearance is also lower on the Panzer and i thought that this may cause a problem over uneven ground. However, my concerns quickly turned to joy as i found the tank to be very responsive, smooth, with good maneuverability over uneven ground. Due to its lighter weight & smaller size it is faster than the bulldog.
    1. Noisy None proportional smoke unit present,
    2. Suspension leaf spring clips fell off on first run (superglued some in place & used copper wire to secure those that were lost.
    3. Don't leave the hatches open as they are bare blue/grey plastic (I painted mine dark grey).
    4. Tools such as shovel, axe etc are moulded in with the body & sprayed over with camo paint (painted these items myself to make them stand out).
    5. Tank accessories had to trimmed down with a hobby knife to make them fit the holes which were reduced in size by the presence of paint (superglued most of them to keep them in place).
    6. Painted Commander - Partly & poorly painted - His eyes - well he looks like he has a serious over active thyroid problem !
    7. I am sure that the Sprocket & idler wheels are plastic not metal.
    1. I like the paint job - looks good
    2. Smooth, responsive, with good maneuverability
    3. Reasonable run time on supplied battery
    4. Separate switch to turn smoke unit on/off (very useful)
    5. The tank recoils (not the barrel) with canon fire sound effect at the same time a BB bullet is fired (only the 2011 version heng longs do this)
    6. Smoke unit actually worked! Although noisy - at least you can turn it off.

    Irrespective of it's short comings/cons - i love this tank, dare i say, a bit more than my Walker Bulldog. You learn to accept Heng Long inaccuracies, reliability, & quality issues because there is nothing else around to match them at this price range .

    One word of advice for those cost conscious RC Hobbyists - If buying Heng Long tanks, then go for an upgraded pro version with metal tracks and gear boxes etc - they are more durable and less likely to disappoint. In addition, it will work out cheaper to buy a pro version compared to buying the basic version and then upgrading it! This hobby is quite addictive, Once you buy one tank you will want to upgrade/modify it and also buy another - be warned and enjoy.

    Supplier: Well after some disappointing experiences & service from other online retailers i must recommend Nitrotek for service and after sales advice/support - so well done Nitrotek. I am sure if you approach them and ask to price match/beat, they will be in a position to do so because, after all, they are one of the main UK importers, and do not charge silly prices compared to one other importer/supplier i could name!

    I will be posting Utube reviews shortly, to help others make an informed decision. Utube reviews will include the Taigen Panzer, Walker Bulldog, Taigen Tiger, and Acme Raptor Brushless v2.

    Next - awaiting delivery of the Taigen Tiger 1 from Nitrotek - so watch this space.

    (Note: my reviews are independent and based on my own personal experiences/opinions and not influenced by others. I appreciate everyone have a right to their own opinions and would not argue on any point if other opinions differ).

  8. Outstanding product

    Av John January 03, 2011

    I've been looking at the Heng Long tanks for the last 18 months and finally when i saw this new Taigen I just had to get it.

    These are the top of the range and the box and instruction manual have Taigen stickers over the Heng Long print so if you are familiar with those then you will have a fair idea what you are getting.

    Really do reccomend this, its brilliant.

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